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About CSL

Since1989, Custom Syndicate has set out with the objective to be come a leading brand
At the date of establishment in 1989, Custom Syndicate adopted an ambitious aim to become a leading freight forwarding and transportation company in the world. Custom Syndicate achieved different pioneering effort by establishing
· First International Road Tranpsortatoin System between Pakistan and Iran,
· First International Passenger Bus Service between Pakistan and Iran,
· First International Container Train Service between Pakistan and Turkey.
Today; Custom Syndicate also achieved a combined structure to offer 3PL integrated logistics services globally, offering tailor made solutions for variety of customer expectations.

Custom Syndicate in its 24th year...
Established in 1989; Custom Syndicate is providing logistics services for almost 24 years. During all these years of service; Custom Syndicate has implemented many successful projects and has achieved success that broke new grounds within Pakistani logistics market.

The Code of Good Business Conduct
Custom Syndicate has adopted to espouse the ongoing ethical values to its employees, contractors, suppliers and all stakeholders. The conduct holds a guidiance role in internalizing the values among all stakeholders and taking necessary actions in cases where values doesn't performed in an appropriate manner.
The Code of Good Business Conduct that Custom Syndicate espoused mainly focuses on;
v Observence of Community Benefits,
v Compliance with Laws and Other Regulations,
v Employee Rights and Observence of the Working Environment,
v Communication with Partners and Stakeholders,
v Observence of Corporate Rights and Transparency.
v Participative and Horizontal Style of Management
The participative and horizontal style of management, one of the leading factors imbuing Custom Syndicate with its inherent dynamism, is clearly evident in all processes of its operations.

Working at Custom Syndicate is a Privilege
Custom Syndicate employees are members of a young and dynamic family full of individuals who produce smart solutions, continuously improve themselves, are proud of being part of the Custom Syndicate family, and enjoy team spirit.

The Secret Behind Smart Solutions of Custom Syndicate Is Its Qualified Human Resources
The leading logistics firm of Pakistan, Custom Syndicate is aware that producing smart solutions for customers is its most important responsibility. Smart solutions emphasized as the key to sustainable success and efficient use of resources can only be possible through qualified and satisfied human resources. That is why at all times Custom Syndicate invests not only in technologies, but also in human resources.
By adopting the skills management approach, Custom Syndicate is able to discern the skills of its human resources, to increase performance and employee satisfaction through the evaluation of these skills, to provide an environment to enable efficient work, and to become a preferred employer through a positive image maintained with the application of best practices in human resources.


Custom Syndicate, one of the well reputed logistics firms in Pakistan, has received a significant award for its support to Cottage Industry and Small Traders.

Custom Syndicate was granted All Pakistan Cottage Industries and Small Traders Association Appreciation Award 2012, which was presented in a ceremony held in Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Lahore, Pakistan. The award is given to those who adapt their economical business model in view of their working environmental consciousness and responsibilities and based on the degree they implement their working practices.


International Chamber of Commerce - Pakistan appointed Custom Syndicate as a member of Customs and Trade Facilitation Commission....  

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News Updates

Corporate Social Responsibility

We, CSL is responsible for social sector and it is involved in education sector, humanitarian activities and development of the societies by providing financial and logistics support to different NGOs ...

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Social Responsibility

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Corporate Office:
403, Third Floor, Liberty Tower,
20A/D-1, Sir Syed Road, Gulberg-III,
PABX: 0092 42 35755051-35756541
Fax: 0092 42 35756540

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